FLO is a media and content space which helps to empower and enable professionals to engage with the future. FLO is just as relevant to start-ups, youth, entrepreneurs and any individual who is engaging with the future.

In this ecosystem, companies and individuals attain future readiness through unleashing their potential, managing transformation towards the future and developing new leadership thinking.

Tariq Qureishy “Voice of the Future”

F.L.O. was created by Tariq Qureishy in the purpose of demystifying the future and connecting the dots between present and the future. Qureishy was honored to be called “Voice of the Future” , he believes the future is about learning how to learn, thinking about thinking and engaging with the digital revolution through the lens of humanity.

Tariq explains one of the biggest challenges we face is to be able to move from being good leaders to becoming good digital leaders of the future. We need to unlearn and re-learn new skills and tools to be future-ready.

As a futurist, Tariq connect the dots between present and the future. He believes the time has come when age is becoming less and less relevant and there needs to be a fusion senior and young professional together to define our future. The digital natives young people provide a natural vision and feel of the future. The more the mature professional bring wisdom, context, experience, history and continuity in this relationship. Now is time to break down hierarchy and build mutual respect on a different set of new variables than we had in the past.